"Dogs have bite but, frankly, the soups are superior."
The Star-Ledger
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"The Dogs Are Fine, but the Soup Is Stirring." "If he knew then what he knows now, he may have given "soup" a place in that (That Hot Dog Place) title."
Jo Piazza, New York Times, June 9, 2002
"I'm thinking (Soon he'll have to start taking reservations!) as I stand my place in line ten people deep. Nobody seems to mind though. Everyone knows what awaits them at the front end."
Karen Pyndus, The Two River Times, Nov. 2000
"If Sable is not the Soup God, he's at least the Soup King. He knows his way around a kitchen."
Peter Genovese, The Star Ledger, Apr. 2000
Thurs 12- 12-19
Russian Xmas soup will be available on Friday 12-20-19.
To order quarts call Steve @732-513-2119
You can also get it in any size that day

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